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Micro / Tip Shearing

Service Details

Micro/Tip Shearing can often correct many issues due to manufacturing or installation. Micro shearing is a difficult process that requires time and patience.

A few manufacturing or installation issues that may possibly be corrected include:

  • Some texture variation
  • Uneven pile height
  • Sprouting/popped loops
  • Fuzzing/tip bloom
  • High lines
  • Some peaking seams

Frequently Asked Questions

What is a micro-shear?

A micro-shear is a precision machine that is specifically designed to trim carpet & rug fibers in small increments.

Is micro-shearing messy?

The shear has a vacuum port which is attached to a vacuum containing a double heap filter system. This system keeps residual fiber waste to a minimum.

Does micro-shearing solve fuzzy edges on carpet tile?

In some instances, yes, but typically, we use a hand-held shear with precision surgical blades.

Do you need to take up carpet tiles to correct fuzzy edges?

Not typically. Most corrections of fuzzy edges are performed with the tiles in place.

Is shearing a long process?

Removing fuzzy edges from carpet tile is a quick process, and depending on how extreme the fuzzing is, we find that we can usually correct about 1000 sf per hour.

The micro-shearing process is more difficult and there are many variables that require patience. An estimate of time will be given once the project has been inspected

Does my carpet need to be clean to do a shearing on it?

Yes, soiled carpet dulls the machines blades causing them to tear the fibers and not cut them.

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