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Frequently Asked Questions

Do I have to pay up front?
  • Established businesses will receive a bill for services sent with the report.
  • Private individuals are required to pay on the date of the inspection.
Do you offer recommendations on what type of flooring I should have?
  • That falls under consultation and will only be talked about with the commissioning party.
What is a floor inspection?
  • Gather facts and support for each detail of the claim.
  • Photograph and log all gathered information.
  • If necessary and available, secure samples for testing by either the manufacturer or an independent laboratory.
  • Strongly adhere to all manufacture and industry standards when writing claims.
  • Provide a clear conclusion based on gathered evidence.
  • Clearly identify the responsible party.
How far will you travel?
  • We will perform inspections anywhere in the United States.
What can I expect from your services?
  • Contact will be made within 48 hours of approval of services.
  • Updates will be provided if necessary.
  • The date and time that the inspection is scheduled will be provided to the commissioning party within 12 hours.
  • Upon completion of a residential inspection, a full report will be provided within 72 hours. Commercial inspections may take up to 96 hours to complete. If testing is required, I will provide updates and if necessary, prolong the length of time needed to provide a proper report.
  • Necessary photos showing all findings.
  • If required by the commissioning party I can provide recommendations for remediation of the issue.
  • At no time will I discuss any of my findings with anyone other than the commissioning party. Only the commissioning party may make an exception to this rule.
What do you expect from your clients?
  • I am a person of honor and have taken an oath to state the facts truthfully. The commissioning party must understand that the fault may be their own. Please do not ask me to violate the ethics of my trade.
  • Private parties and general contractors are required to make payment prior to receiving the report.
  • Please do not put me on the spot during an inspection. Often research and testing is needed before making a final conclusion.

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