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Flooring Consultations

Service Details

Consulting with us before the project begins will provide peace of mind and confidence that the project will be a success.

Providing expert advice on all aspects of flooring:

  • Preventative review
  • Job site monitoring
  • Product specification
  • Warranty Research
  • Maintenance issues
  • Expert witness
  • Educational training
  • Product knowledge

Frequently Asked Questions

What does a consultant do?
  • Provides information
  • Solves problems
  • Effectively diagnose problems
  • Recommend action
  • Facilitate client learning
Can you tell me what type of flooring that I need?

Absolutely. We have vast knowledge of all types of flooring and can provide you with options that fit the areas in which it will be installed.

Can I call and ask a question?

We take calls frequently looking for a quick answer to a problem from manufacturers, private individuals, dealers, installers, and attorneys. Because of the nature of the business, we spend a lot of time driving, which becomes monotonous, and the occasional call is a great distraction.

Do you mediate between interested parties?

We can often resolve problems between interested parties before it gets to legal action.

Do you hold any classes on flooring?

We can put together informative classes for various groups, which includes:

  • Products
  • Proper preparation
  • Proper use of products
  • Frequent failures and how to avoid them
Will you review another inspector’s report?

We are frequently asked to review other inspectors' reports and give advice on them.

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